My name is June Donenfeld and I’m a highly experienced writing coach, editor, and writer, bringing great skill, warmth, and humor to helping clients navigate the choppy waters of the written word. 


Need help with college or graduate school applications? Take heart. You don’t need to channel your inner Shakespeare, have lived a life of breathtaking adventure, or made a stunning scientific breakthrough to write wonderful essays–and I will show you how. 

Still at the brainstorming phase? I have tools that will give you rich possibilities to explore —and help you identify the ones that will allow you to craft a story all your own, in your own powerful voice.

Don’t know where to begin your essay–or end it? I’ll help you dig deep and organize your thoughts to present your story in the most compelling way, so that what appears on the page will come alive in your reader’s mind.

Or perhaps you’ve already finished your first version of your essay, but want a set of eagle eyes to ensure that it really hits the mark. Look no further. 

But no matter where you are in your writing, you will not only sharpen your skills, but also gain tools of reflection, self-expression, and organization that will serve you well whatever your path may be. 


From research skills to revision, expression to editing, punctuation to proofreading, whatever your challenges, I can help. 


All critical thinking and writing sections


I work with clients near and far, so whether you live in the US or farther afield, I look forward to speaking with you.